Twitter conversation from Friday 10th February

UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

Continue the converstation on Twitter #ucfsocialmedia, the blog and UCF social media facebook page….

katycreates Katy Creates

@Clare_Amy Social media can bring journalists, businesses and the local community together to do good – e.g. Twestival #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@sylentalarm that depends on laziness/resources of news orgs. SocMed has potential to make journalism far better than it is #ucfsocialmedia

Clare_Amy Clare Salisbury

So what’s next for online social media? #UCFsocialmedia

Clare_Amy Clare Salisbury

@mojo90 I agree, impartiality is vital to aim for. So we are searchers and gatherers in this great big conversation i guess #UCFsocialmedia

UCFJourno UCF Journo

Interesting job multimedia job opening at Telegraph via @AdamWestbrook #ucfsocialmedia

katycreates Katy Creates

RT @ruskin147 @UCFsocialmedia Agreed. Would be lost without social media updates (and guardian news app!) #ucfsocialmedia

katycreates Katy Creates

@mojo90 @sylentalarm @UCFsocialmedia Lots of examples of pr disasters caused by unfortunate tweeting by interns/work exp! #ucfsocialmedia

katycreates Katy Creates

@mojo90 @sylentalarm @UCFsocialmedia Definitely. The risk of mis-interpretation via social media is high… #ucfsocialmedia

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AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@sophwarnes true – see this new one in the Telegraph? #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@sylentalarm in a lot of places, yes (ie Metro); depends what type of journ you mean. Day-to-day news is commodity now #ucfsocialmedia

UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

@ruskin147 How does social media help your work? #ucfsocialmedia Do you find est. traditional journalists are reluctant to embrace it?

UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

What are the ethical and legal problems journalists need to consider when using social media in their work? #ucfsocialmedia

sylentalarm James Horrell

@UCFsocialmedia is the art of classic journalism going to be replaced by by simple searching on social media sites? #ucfsocialmedia

egrommet Glyn Mottershead

@AdamWestbrook some wise words, and using social media to break young journo’s tech fears as a bridge to hacking is vital #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@katycreates absolutely. Social Media is a great opp for 3rd sector. MSF are doing clever things #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@adriannaik Probably. But times change it’s up to ppl to change with them right? Will be an interesting issue in the future #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

…that is a big advantage to younger journs who embrace it and understand it – to leapfrog those with more experience! #ucfsocialmedia

AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

Yes there are many who are resistant to the tech side, or still see it as a fad. Others still don’t know how to use it #ucfsocialmedia

2 hours ago

katycreates Katy Creates

#UCFSocialmedia Social media is one of our key comms tools. It encourages 2-way conversations and involvement with the charity

@UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

@AdamWestbrook do you think many journalists are still against using it? #ucfsocialmedia

@UCFJourno UCF Journo

Thank you! @ruskin147 @mojo90 @katycreates @AdamWestbrook – joining the conversation on #ucfsocialmedia

@mojo90 Jonathan Morris

#ucfsocialmedia having said that checking twitter and facebook updates on google realtime alerts works really well for me.

@AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@UCFsocialmedia journalists who ignore this do so at their peril #ucfsocialmedia

@AdamWestbrook AdamWestbrook

@UCFsocialmedia Soc-Med represents the big change in #journalism today: it’s moved from 1-way to a 2-way conversation… #ucfsocialmedia

@UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

The big Q: What impact is social media having on establishing news gathering techniques and output? #ucfsocialmedia

@hsbarnes Holly Barnes

RT @UCFsocialmedia: For discussion today we are joined by @ruskin147 @mojo90 @katycreates @AdamWestbrook follow on #ucfsocialmedia

@mojo90 Jonathan Morris

#ucfsocialmedia ok, let’s kick it off by saying that twitter is a useful tool for journos but it will never beat actually talking to people.

@UCFsocialmedia UCF Social Media

For discussion today we are joined by @ruskin147 @mojo90 @katycreates @AdamWestbrook follow the conversation on #ucfsocialmedia lets go!

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5 Responses to Twitter conversation from Friday 10th February

  1. @UCFsocialmedia I thought the Twitter conversation was really good and certainly got a good debate going. Well done with your presentation!!

    (do you see what I did there: 140 characters exactly!)

  2. Ruben Martínez says:

    Well done Lucy! 140 and no more! May twitter simplify the way we communicate??

    We tried to attract social media enthusiasts and media professional to our conversation, for it was based on social media and its repercussion on the trade. I think they brought the whole conversation to another level! Many thanks Lucy!

  3. I think the twitter conversation was a fantastic idea, at the time I was slightly worried for you that everyone was perhaps more engaged in twitter than they were on listening to exactly what you guys had to say. I thought you had some fantastic points and a really interesting presentation so I certainly hope this wasn’t the case.

    But on the other hand, using people who are in the industry and have some different opinions on certain topics, and also fantastic knowledge was a fantastic idea and it really added a different dimension to your presentation that I don’t think the others (including ours) had. So well done guys!

  4. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Glad you liked it Lucy (and also James as he expressed in another comment) and good job on the 140 characters!

    I was really happy we managed to get such a good response on Twitter. It was great to have the opinions of those in the industry and guidance of how to use social media to enhance our journalism.

    It was also a bit of an experiment, and I think showed just how powerful social media is for connecting you with people you’d not normally come in contact with (whilst @katycreates had agreed to tweet prior to the presentation, the other journalists were messaged that morning).

    Maybe it was lucky that those we asked to join were keen to reply? Or maybe social media really is allowing us to get in contact with everybody?

  5. […] as you will see from the twitter conversation itself, their pearls of wisdom gave us a lot to think about. I also think the exercise demonstrated […]

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