Summary of our Social Media experience


Working for our social media blog was indeed a great fun as well as a valuable experience. From the very beginning the process from research to presentation all aspects of social media blog was very interesting. It was a great example of mutual coordination and cooperation among the group members. It also provided us with an opportunity to share our views and experiences not only among the group members but the response and comments received on our posts. The real feedback on our blog from our friends, colleagues and fellow students is indeed a great learning on our part. Collective presentation of our research was also really of great worth.  Overall it was a wonderful experience which should help us in our professional journalistic life.

Iqbal Yousafzai




I do believe that we were given one of the most challenging subject to research on, for social media are shaping the traditional relationship journalist-audience and the current situation of the trade, affecting news gathering techniques. It has been a fruitful and interesting trip the one he set up few months ago. Along the road, we came across facts and figures that we have tried to bring to you, explaining them in more details, putting them into context and trying to draw certain conclusions.

Dividing the subject in subtopics allowed us to analyse social media from different points of view and in the end answer a main question; what impact are social media having on establishing news gathering techniques and output? I hope we get the message across as social media play an important role within the trade.

Ruben Martínez



I am happy with how our presentation went and am impressed with all of our efforts even though we all have hectic schedules. The introductory timeline video with Laura was a fantastic quick and summative way of looking back at history at how technology has changed and sped up over the years. It really set the pace for the rest of the presentation.

Ruben presented really well, introducing our topic smoothly. Making the link to the social media cafe and how events like this show how easy it has become now to meet with other journalists and contacts to then talk about news and issues. I think it was worth us going there to make the video.

Although one is always critical of oneself more than others, I do feel slightly annoyed at myself as I think that  I spoke a bit too fast as nerves got to me a little as well at time pressure. However, I think I managed to put my point across about social media helping with newsgathering techniques.

Ruben then  did really well in explaining the ethics side of social media, which was backed up nicely by the video interview with Daisy Griffith.

Finally, Laura’s part with the live twitter conversation was a great example of social media in action. She had organised guests to be online too commenting, including journalists and communications officers, who all contributed their opinions to our presentation, which stirred up an interesting discussion for the audience.

I was surprised with the questions after as there were so many! This started a good debate about how effective social media is for newsgathering. There were also fears expressed about whether journalists are becoming lazy from using social media. From my research, I think that we are not becoming lazy as social media sites, particularly twitter, helps us to gather news ideas, not stop finding news ideas. The quality is still there as if we are interested in those 140 characters, we will then research further, not just try and write a story based on that little summary. I don’t think it’s any different than reading a summary on the BBC website then clicking on it to find out more. We are just using different sites and different multimedia platforms to expand on our newsgathering skills.

Rebecca Novell

I think that the presentation went as well as could have been hoped – we all got involved, and hopefully managed to pass on a few nuggets of information to our course mates. We tried to divide the topic into our four sections from the beginning, and followed this through in our presentation, trying to answer all the general questions we had been set to explore. This allowed us to be succinct, and to also think more creative and interactive ways to demonstrate our findings.

Becs and I went to the Social Media Cafe to film with Aren Grimshaw and others at the event. It was great to along and see social media at work in business, and I hope it managed to add weight to our opinions on the plight of social networking!

It was tough trying to get the history of social media and technological advancement over the last century into less that 3 minutes. But thanks to Rubens creative and editorial flair, we managed to get something together – I hope it added a little colour to the 15 minutes!

Iqbal has really explore the types of social media available, and the way it’s affecting/used by various generations. It was a really important part of the research, as I think often we, and the world, focus on the more commonly known social sites, when there really is so much out there – much more than I had known about before starting this project.

What would I have done differently? Well, probably the way in which I used this blog to analyse my findings and form my opinions. I was very aware that I did not want my posts to become a) a fat page of research or b) pure opinion. I hope that what I have written is reflective of some of the many hours I’ve spent mulling over all the issues that our exploration has raised!

Ultimately, it’s been a really valuable few months. I’ve learnt and thought about an incredible amount, and hope that our presentation encouraged debate and questioning…and hopefully flew a little flag for the importance of social media in journalism.

Laura Makin-Isherwood



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