5 interesting articles on social media


Out there in the wild sea of Internet we can find plenty of attracting fish to consume. However, I came across some interesting article on social media that I believe they are worth sharing with you guys:


1.- The value of LinkedIn

Nowadays, we might tend to take for granted the importance of certain social networks. Everyone seems to talk about either Twitter or Facebook, but what about THE others? Bearing in mind the characteristics of each of them, we can exploit their advantages. LindedIn is a great ( and probably the best) tool to do networking.

2.- Facebook is used by 30 million people in the UK

Going back to Facebook and its presence in our worldwide society, Mark Zuckerberg’s project is increasing its popularity and importance. For instance, Facebook has 30 million users in the UK. But the fact that startled me the most is that last July, it had 26 million registered UK users. Don’t miss the chance to have a look at this article!


3.- Online Social Media

Here it comes a good resource on social media stuff that I found while surfing the net. It deals with a vast range of social network sites within different categories. A great website that will help us to be updated!


4.- YouTube and Al Jazeera hand in hand

World View is a brilliant project set up by Al Jazeera and YouTube where registered users of the latter send their questions to international leaders. It reminds us of the importance of YouTube as a social media tool when talking about news gathering and breaking news. PM David Cameron was the last world leader being interviewed by YouTube registerd users.


5.- Search engine Bing incorporates Social Media

Microsoft search engine (Bing) will start inlcuding a user’s social media “likes” with results. It follows the announcement made by competitor Google. People spend more and more time online and as result search engine implement their usage to attract more surfers.

7 Responses to 5 interesting articles on social media

  1. Doesn’t World View just epitomise the good things about social media. A fantastic idea as long as it doesn’t fall fowl of over-regulation. -I’d be interested to know how the questions which AlJazeera asked David Cameron were selected (I loved the slightly unnecessary ipad!)

  2. calummac6 says:

    Yeah, LinkedIn is a very important one. It dispenses with all that junk that Facebook and even Twitter can attract. No one is going to throw a sheep at you or offer to sell you Viagra on LinkedIn.
    It could well be a good one to get a grip of, as recruiters use it regularly as a reliable indicator of a person character and qualifications

  3. Actually many individuals have accounts in different social networks. Youngsters and particularly students make a great use of twitter and facebook as compared to other social networks.I agree with the opinions that there can be rare or no commercial stuff on Linked In. Probably it may also be a better social network. However, it is a matter of personal experience which may vary from person to person.

  4. Ruben Martínez says:

    I totally agree with you Calum. Besides, you can set it up to link your LinkedIn account to your FB or Twitter one. I think LinkedIn will be a great tool in the future (for some it already is).
    I see your point Iqbal, but more than personal experiences I do think it has to do with what do you use each social network site for. And LinkedIn is a great tool to attract employees and sell yourself in the professional sense of the meaning.

  5. I think that you have to realise the different benefits of each different social network. Twitter for example can be used primarily to follow people you find interesting – to see what they are doing and what is on their mind. Secondly it can be for you to tell people what you are doing and what’s on your mind. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly for us journalists is it’s a fantastic source of information. I would quite happily put up with commercials and advertisements on twitter simply because it is a fantastic way for people to share information and a great way to discover leads for stories.

    On the other hand, facebook is much a of a ‘social’ media than twitter I would say – in the sense it is used for more of a social purpose. It has much more advertising and essentially it’s a way for people to share their lives with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

    I also agree with Ruben and Calum about LinkedIn being a great tool to use on a more professional level. And to mention Clare as well (that’s all of you now!) World View looks amazing! and as you say, it absolutely epitomises the good things that you can do with social media – and that is just one of a number of things.

  6. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Totally agree with James about realising the different benefits of each type of social media. It’s important that, on a professional level, people recognise the relevance and influence each network can have.

    It seems that increasingly the public are becoming aware of the need to pretty much compartmentalise their lives online, to avoid exposing the wrong things to the wrong people (yet bringing the right things to the fore).

    I’d only really become aware of LinkedIn in the last 12 months and have personally seen a huge increase in the number of people I could ‘connect with’ as more and more past and present colleagues join. Profiles are nicely limited, and encourage presentation of yourself in the best possible light for maximum gain.

    The only kitsch thing I find with it is the ability to give online references or recommendations to people…I find that a little strange…I could write any old jibberish about someone else!

  7. acpart says:

    No-one uses Bing so it doesn’t really matter, but including social media likes often leads to a rather disturbing groupthink, I find.

    Like when a load of internet vigilantes on Reddit ganged up on a girl who said she was shaving her head for charity, calling her a “fake” because one guy did initially and no-one bothered to check: http://gawker.com/#!5751581/misguided-internet-vigilantes-attack-college-students-cancer-fundraiser


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