Social Media Cafe


5 Responses to Social Media Cafe

  1. Claire Jones says:

    The Social Media Cafe was such a good way for you to find out the impact that social media has! Great idea to make a video of it as well, it’s really nice to see the organiser and someone it affects. For businesses I imagine Cafe’s like these are a perfect way to advertise and make contacts. Really it’s a way for anyone to network and meet new people, and as Aren Grimshaw said it’s still social networking but ‘in the real world’. Great post!

  2. Cheers Claire, yes it was interesting to see how social media is used in businesses. However you say you liked Aren Grimshaw’s comment of how it’s still social networking but ‘in the real world.’ I personally found this comment bizarre as isn’t that what we were doing anyway before social networking came about?! We networked without the internet before, now I find it strange that people think that they are bringing social networking to the real world…

  3. Claire Jones says:

    Very true! But it’s a good way to meet people online then back it up with an informal meeting at a social place. It’s also a good way for people to see mutual friends and events that are planned – information that wouldn’t have been so available before online networking. I think it’s a place we should all look at visiting. It’s a great way for us to make journalistic contacts and meet others known in the business.

  4. good point, there is nothing like meeting people in person to make contacts!

  5. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    True, love a bit of face-to-face networking…it’s so much fun finding out about people!

    I liked Aren’s comments, I think they ring true with the way business is done today. It’s all about maximising profits (or productivity) for minimum cost (or time) and social media does allow you to do that. You can get a feel of the types of things another person/business can offer, and decide whether your own needs or goals match in with that. Often this would allow you to tailor your business pitch to them too…kinda crafty, but hey!

    Plus, you can come across all sorts of fun things that your business may want to get involved with…that one may not have been aware of if social networks weren’t around.

    I think it also allows business networking to be a little more transparent and doable…not just an old boys club. But who knows hey?

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