Social Media and a glimpse of history


2 Responses to Social Media and a glimpse of history

  1. Claire Jones says:

    I think this worked really well in your presentation; it was a great way to show how we got to where we are now with social media. It was fun and light hearted and gave just enough information to aid our understanding and set us up for the rest of the presentation. It just goes to show how far we have come with social networking and how it has affected the media. It will be incredibly interesting to see where it goes next, and to think we may help shape the changes and progression!!

  2. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Thanks Claire, it was quite fun making it too…though hard to fit all the developments into such a short space of time (though I guess that’s what happened over the last century anyway!).

    It’s a little bit mind boggling…the best part is all the computer and electronics genii will already be miles ahead, the developments just haven’t hit the commercial market yet. Who knows where social media will end up…real time video conversations are the norm…I heard a rumour holograms are the next big thing?!

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