Ethics and editorial guidelines (II)



Daisy Griffith, social media strategy and digital content for BBC and others, talking about new ethical guidelines for journalists.


2 Responses to Ethics and editorial guidelines (II)

  1. It’s a good presentation regarding editorial guidelines. I agree with the comments that there should be guidelines though they may not be too strict as that is a matter of behaviour but just to be a responsible and respectable journalist.

  2. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Hmmmm…guidelines are tricky! Definitely a good idea within the workplace, but how do you monitor your employees personal opinions and thoughts outside of work? How do you decide and monitor what is respectable and what isn’t? Is it the job of an employer to control a person’s expression?

    The link that an audience can (and will) make between the opinions of an individual and the views of their employer are undeniable…ultimately, it may be best to keep controversial opinions to oneself!

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