The real deal: social media at work

BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones describes how social media has changed the way in which he works…

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7 Responses to The real deal: social media at work

  1. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Apologies for the audio quality…

  2. An interesting video from the ‘twitter-guru’ himself!

    I have never thought about the rise of the journalist as a brand. But I see now that this is exactly what’s happening on twitter. Proof that social media can be an incredibly powerful medium for journalists who are willing to embrace it.

  3. […] an interesting interview with BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones via UCF Social Media made me think alot about […]

  4. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Oh yes! It’s all about self promotion and building a yourself up as a package…keeping on top of it all must be tiring though. The amount of time I spend on social media as an amateur is unbelievable! Maybe once a reputation is built it’s easier to maintain?

  5. acpart says:

    It’s changed the way they work down at a certain local radio station I was at today because they spend a fair amount of time removing abuse from their various pages. It does help bring the audience closer in, but the closer they get the more you notice they smell of sh…er you get the point I’m trying to make.

  6. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Indeed it does…it also opens up the potential for those obsessed with a certain presenter or reporter to get increasingly close. I guess the more public you become, the more private your real life needs to be?

    It also demonstrates the need for good monitoring of these feeds, forums and social media pages…where would we be without House Rules?

  7. acpart says:

    Well, I’ve heard a few stories along those lines too. Sadly none I can share in a public forum…

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