Business networking – an editors perspective

Tim Weber, Business editor for BBC News website discusses how social media and new technology has changed the way we work, live and make money…

Davos 2011: We’re all hyper-connected, now what?


2 Responses to Business networking – an editors perspective

  1. Ruben Martínez says:

    It’s not only business, but marketing and brand promotion. I do believe Social Media help businesses to acquire another dimension, I mean, to appeal to a broader audiences and public.

    As in journalism, something done down here in Cornwall can be easily shared with people in other parts of the world. So, if we apply the same example to business matters, we can agree that words such as local or regional have been put aside for lot of companies.

    However, all these don’t mean that such concepts should be forgotten, because people do appreciate them as well.

  2. Laura Makin-Isherwood says:

    Mmmm it’s really interesting isn’t it?

    Social media and technology in general is definitely expanding our working capabilities and the places from which we can work, and whom we work with.

    The world is becoming increasingly smaller!

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