What impact is social media having on journalists and journalism?


In the traditional world the news organizations had to give out information, and people would consume it. But simply making information available is not enough for today’s public. Today’s audiences expect to be able to choose what they read, and most believe they should be able to contribute content and opinions, too. This shift is generally called the social media.

Basically social media use internet-and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. It has not only benefited journalists but has also helped give individuals a way to speak up to the world.

More and more people prefer reading newspapers online due to the online version being global, free and around forever. If most of the consumers are on line, it is better to reach them online. Traditional media is slowly becoming history. Journalists are now making a good use of social media to engage their audience.

Iqbal Yousafzai


It seems that social media is having an increasing impact on journalists – the way they work, the way they produce news and how they interact with their audience.

Many broadcasters now have their own twitter feeds and facebook pages that they use to encourage ideas from their followers and also from which to promote their work.

Increasingly, and particularly as a result of the current economic instability, broadcasters and journalists are looking to content generated by their listeners or viewers. This can be in the form of photographs, videos, text and ideas.

This impacts upon journalists in many ways. It not only provides original news content for free (great for the finances of an employer), though it can also have a negative affect.

It is now possible for anyone to be a ‘journalist’ via internet and mobile devices. Providing free content just for the buzz of getting published has consequences – less journalists are needed to go out into the field and look for stories, and also if others are willing to contribute for free, journalists are less likely to be paid for their work.

Laura Makin-Isherwood


I reckon we all agree that social media are giving journalism a new dimension. And they are giving journalist a sort of new role too. In these terms, I do think social media are changing the trade, especially when it come to news gathering. However, I am not as apocalyptic as others who say traditional media are dying. They will preserve its importance in the market as long as they realize they have to shift to social media and embrace them.

Nowadays, journalists are dealing with active audiences and that means that they choose how and where they get the information from. In the UK we have a good example of how traditional media have shifted their approach to target audiences, giving more importance to online resources than they previously did. That is the best example of what impact does social media have on journalism.
Ruben Martinez


Social media is having a huge impact in the world of journalism and those within it.

Twitter and RSS feeds, like Google Alerts, aid journalists to gather story ideas and connect with others to get quick information on what they are reporting on. RSS subscriptions help them to get the latest scoop. Journalists can also use blogs to engage with their active audiences to boost the impact of their work and promote it to larger audiences.

Nevertheless, even though more and more journalists are adopting these techniques, traditional journalism is not completely dying out. For instance, social media sites are not reliable sources therefore the facts still have to be checked.

Rebecca Novell


One Response to What impact is social media having on journalists and journalism?

  1. I agree with Roben that nowadays journalists interact actively with audience and get feedback immediately.They easily can approach to on line sources for information. Here in Britain as everything goes on line, so traditional media has also changed to a great extent focussing on the target audiences. Therefore, on line journalism with special importance of social media is getting momentum day by day. Thus we can see that social media has greatly influenced traditional journalism.

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