From now on…

From this point, in order to analyse this blog’s topic of the impact that social media has in journalism nowadays, each one of us has our own section to research.

Iqbal Hussein will be looking into the various forms of social media. I will be invesitgating into the different media outlets that use social media and it’s outputs. How journalism has adopted social media over the last decade is Laura Isherwood‘s area and Ruben Martinez will be exploring the legal and ethical concerns surrounding it.

As we all research into out own topic, we will add posts as we go, be it our own thoughts on it, a summary of what we have found, a conclusion or a useful link.

Finally, as we all complete our individual studies, we should all be able to draw conclusions on our main topic of the impact of social media and draw a general map of different types of news gathering techniques and outputs whilst taking into consideration the legal parameters.

Feel free to comment as you wish.


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