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Twitter, Facebook… 2010 saw a continued growth for firms and media outlets engaging in online communities and other social media technique, which allow them to interact with their audiences and clients. Social Media are taking on different fields of our society. And they do it worldwide. What is more, citizen journalism has become an important technique on news gathering.

Traditional media such as The Guardian or Sky News even have their on social media correspondent. This proves the importance they have acquired. But whether everyone is up to them or not is something to bare in mind. So what impact are social media having on establishing news gathering techniques and output?

We are a group of four trainee international journalist at University College Falmouth. We want to analyze the impact social media have in journalism nowadays. From now on, we will try to answer the question above and to do so, we divided the subject in four topics.

1.- Different social media and citizen journalism.
2.- Media outlets that use social media and their outputs.
3.- How journalism has adopted them over the last decade (how things were and are now).
4.- Legal and ethical concerns of using them.

At the same time, we will share any interesting idea or information we come up with to share it with you. Besides, general questions will be thrown out in order to show our personal opinions and encourage people have their say.

Welcome on board!!


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